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Because an uninsured event can have a catastrophic impact on a company’s balance sheet, reputation, and shareholder value, we work closely with you to identify exposures. We then recommend and structure an insurance program that not only fits the operational needs of a portfolio, but also acts as a strategic tool in a buy/sell transaction.

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  • On-site and off-site clean-up
  • New or pre-existing pollution conditions
  • Third-party bodily injury and property damage
  • Blanket location
  • Indoor air quality (including clean-up, restoration and disinfection)
  • All related legal defense expense
  • First-party/third-party transportation coverage
  • Blanket non-owned disposal site coverage
  • Business interruption and loss of rents
  • Storage tank liability (including financial assurance)
  • Automatic acquisition with predetermined rates
  • Coverage for management companies (potential for lawsuits related to contracting services provided)
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Typical exposures faced by real estate businesses include:


  • Historical use of property (dry cleaner, service station, industrial, landfill, illicit disposal site)
  • Indoor air quality (vapor intrusion, mold, Legionella)
  • Capital improvements (subsurface excavation, expansion)
  • Acquisition or divestiture
  • Foreclosure of impacted properties
  • Loss of rental income or diminution-in-value resulting from a third-party pollution condition
  • Nuclear, biological, and chemical acts of domestic or foreign terrorism
  • Use and storage of cleaning and/or maintenance chemicals
  • Regulatory audits and inspections and resultant violations
  • Underground storage tanks and transfer lines
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