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Reduce Overhead Expenses

Though our products are designed to support and enhance the credit function of a company, often companies do not have the luxury of a full "back of the house operation." In today’s uncertain financial world, many companies are dedicating more resources to business development and cannot afford the expense of a sophisticated credit department which could cost dearly in relation to profitability. 

Alliant trade credit helps you get coverage through accounts receivable factoring

Receivables Management Services

Our Receivables Management Services eliminate the need for you to hire and train competent, experienced credit management personnel, providing you savings in payroll/benefit costs along with other administrative cost savings associated with managing receivables.

Accounts receivable factoring provides immediate working capital and protects you from business losses.

Benefits of Outsourced Receivables Management Services

  • Reduction in Operating Costs
  • Staff Can Do What They Do Best
  • Decrease in Receivable Write-offs
  • Minimized Days Sales Outstanding
  • Safe Sales Expansion
  • Quicker Turn Around
  • Business Reports
  • Monitoring Services
  • Credit Consulting Services
  • Marketing Products & Services
Alliant Trade Credit provides real time credit and credit insurance information that allows our clients to make better decisions.