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News Release

Alliant Insurance Services Celebrates 100 Years in Founding City of San Diego at RIMS® RISKWORLD®, Offers Meetings with Executive Leadership

By Alliant

Alliant will continue its proven strategy of organic growth driven by industry specialization and stable leadership

IRVINE, CA — At the RIMS® (Risk Management Society) RISKWORLD® Conference, May 5-8 in San Diego, CA, Alliant Insurance Services will celebrate 100 years in the city where it was founded in 1925. Greg Zimmer, Alliant’s newly appointed CEO; Ralph Hurst, President; Peter Carpenter, Chief Operating Officer; and Peter Arkley, President, National Brokerage, will be on site for the milestone event, where attendees and media may request a meeting with Alliant executives.

At booth #1834 and in the Alliant Arena, Mezzanine Level #16, Alliant will hold exclusive demonstrations and presentations from Alliant Analytics and Alliant Cyber that demonstrate how Alliant helps clients navigate the evolving risk landscape, improve resilience and drive better insurability outcomes.

Alliant will also present on the following panels:

  • Cyber & Technology Risk Track: CJ Dietzman, David Finz and Bobby Horn will present “Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Cyber Risk Management Outcomes,” Monday, May 6 at 1:30 p.m.
  • RIMS DEI Studio: Jose Aponte will discuss strategies to promote Latino professionals into leadership positions within the insurance industry, exploring challenges, success stories and best practices, Monday, May 6 at 10:00 a.m.

“Organic growth continues to be the paramount focus of our growth strategy as we forge our way as a top 5 broker by bringing together the best talent, analytics, client support and infrastructure,” said Peter Arkley, President, National Brokerage, Alliant. “Our industry success and attractiveness to talent is fueled by our powerful differentiators—placing clients’ interests first, recruiting the highest level of talent, developing the next generation of risk professionals, making strategic acquisitions and operating as a specialty-focused organization.”

Visit Alliant Insurance Services at RISKWORLD booth #1834 and at and request a meeting with Alliant executives.