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News Release

Alliant Insurance Services Celebrates National Construction Appreciation Week with Building America Campaign

By Alliant

Alliant campaign highlights contractors and projects that are shaping communities across the country


IRVINE, CA — During National Construction Appreciation Week, September 18-22, Alliant Insurance Services has launched a Building America campaign to thank its contractor clients and highlight projects from leading builders, contractors and construction companies that are positively impacting communities.

“We are proud to showcase the work of our clients, who represent some of the country’s leading construction companies, and highlight the projects that are shaping communities across the nation,” said Matt Walsh, Managing Director, Alliant Construction.

National Construction Appreciation Week is the third week in September and recognizes the more than 11 million construction industry workers who contribute to the development of America’s infrastructure and facilities.

Walsh adds, “This week is also an opportunity to draw awareness for the diverse career paths and possibilities within the construction industry. By promoting the impact that construction has on peoples’ lives every day, we can help lay a foundation for young professionals to choose a rewarding career in construction.”