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Our proprietary risk tolerance platform has created a cultural shift around the way risk managers view risk, with the ability to evaluate exposures within the specific industry and generate loss scenarios by product line to foresee potential program impacts and protect the balance sheet and cash flow.



Analytics at your fingertips

Alliant analytics enables risk managers to have informed conversations with financial leaders through greater visibility into the financial impact of risk exposure across the organization. Alliant analytics converts client- and industry-specific insurance program data into actionable insights with the ability to adjust the lever on risk tolerance or risk appetite in real time. Clients can validate decision-making regarding all aspects of insurance programs and effective risk management strategies to protect the organization.

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Transforming the way you view risk

Alliant Analytics evaluates key financial metrics, and your ability to withstand negative impacts against those metrics from unexpected retained losses. By testing and planning for various exposures within your specific industry and generating loss scenarios by product line, you’ll save hours of guesswork and manpower per renewal while viewing clear projected results of potential program impacts.

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Insights from industry leaders

Our industry-leading team of alternative risk finance experts includes leaders in the captive, actuarial and analytics fields who are focused on providing the best risk management solutions. With Alliant Analytics, clients are empowered to view risk finance holistically across the organization on a total cost of risk basis with an informed and insightful view of risk tolerance and appetite.

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Analytics Solutions

Leverage our industry expertise plus industry data from Alliant’s 14 specialty verticals to perform benchmark analytics on your casualty book of business, including auto, workers’ compensation, cyber, excess liability and umbrella policies.

Our CAT modeling reports are customizable, and in collaboration with our clients, we make sure they understand the science behind the models to facilitate appropriate use of the outputs. Clients benefit from enhanced modeling capabilities and risk evaluation, limits and pricing capabilities, and an expanded geographic footprint to include Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Our exposure data, losses and reporting tool elevates the level of actionable insights gained from data, with the capacity to:

  • Monitor premiums, exposures and loss ratios by region, industry, and product line.
  • Evaluate exposure and loss data within an industry and product line to determine potential proprietary programs or panel build-out.
  • Build program performance and benchmarking, utilizing loss ratios, limits and premiums.