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Energy & Marine

Marine Insurance

Our marine insurance brokers are leading experts within the maritime industry, with decades of experience brokering the most complex risk management and insurance programs for marine clients across the globe. We manage risk exposures surrounding ports, terminals, vessels, cargo, shipyards, construction and other critical marine environments.

Essential Protection through Marine Insurance

Marine insurance can cover loss of or damage to ships, cargo, terminals, pipelines, ports, oil rigs and platforms, and similar property. If you own a marine vessel that you use for commercial purposes or contract with another company to transport your goods and merchandise, securing marine insurance from a trusted and experienced broker is essential.

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World-Class Maritime Broking Expertise

We leverage our strong relationships with marine insurance carriers, industry-leading maritime experience and cutting-edge broking techniques to develop risk transfer strategies that drive capital productivity, operational excellence and competitive differentiation to help clients stay ahead of marine market dynamics.

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Comprehensive Marine Liability Insurance

The dedicated maritime brokerage team at Alliant is made up of experienced industry leaders in the areas of loss control, contract review, underwriting and claims advocacy. This vast expertise enables us to develop and execute cost-effective, long-term marine insurance solutions to help clients effectively manage marine liability.

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Reliable Support for the Marine Industry

Alliant supports its clients through robust risk management services and resources that help your organization run more efficiently and improve your bottom line while minimizing risk. Our innovative tools allow you to make more informed business decisions that align with your goals. From assessment to claims management, Alliant works with you every step of the way.

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Marine Insurance Solutions

Our marine insurance solutions include coverage for:

  • Blue water
  • Brown water
  • Charterers
  • Cruise lines
  • Fishing fleets
  • Stock throughput and cargo
  • Freight forwarders
  • Diving contractors

Our coastal marine insurance solutions include coverage for:

  • Ports and terminals
  • Shipyards and ship repairers
  • Fabrication yards
  • Gas stations and convenience stores
  • Terminal operators

Saltwater intrusion is a growing marine liability, specifically for the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the U.S. and in Southern California. Saltwater intrusion insurance is increasingly necessary in these regions being affected by rising sea levels and climate change-related coastal flooding. Its impacts range from environmental to vegetation and drinking water utilities. We work with clients in vulnerable coastal areas to determine their specific saltwater intrusion insurance needs and secure the best available coverage to protect against the financial losses associated with saltwater intrusion-related risks. Marine insurance services from Alliant account for emerging trends such as saltwater intrusion to help ensure marine clients are protected through proactive and comprehensive risk management strategies.

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Confidence in Marine Insurance Coverage

Our strong command of the marine industry means we deploy targeted insurance solutions that meet the unique needs of your organization and address the specific risks you face across all facets of your operation - from cargo to compressed or liquified gas, oilfield and refinery equipment, delay in shipment or delivery, physical damage and theft, and terrorism and political risk.