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Protect Your Business with D&O Liability Insurance

Traditional D&O liability insurance policies include non-indemnifiable claims coverage to protect individuals, indemnifiable claims coverage to protect individuals and entity claims coverage to protect the organization for its own liability.

Directors and Officers insurance can help you protect your business.

Tailored D&O Liability Insurance Solutions

D&O liability insurance policies are not standardized. Each insurer in the marketplace has crafted their own policy form and each has their own unique appetite for risk. This means that all terms and conditions are negotiable.

Our extensive experience allows us to personalize your directors and officers insurance policy.

Specialized Expertise in D&O Liability Insurance

Our team brings specialized technical, legal, underwriting and claims experience on all types of executive risk exposures. We take the time to learn about your specific D&O liability exposures and business requirements and leverage deep insight into the D&O insurance marketplace to tailor a program that provides the best and most appropriate protection for you.

Alliant leverages deep insight into the directors and officers insurance marketplace to tailor your insurance program.