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Investment Thesis Driven Pre/Post Acquisition Advisory Services

Hidden technical debt and cybersecurity vulnerabilities lead to unplanned costs and losses if not identified during pre-acquisition. Organized criminals targeting portfolio companies and ransomware attacks across industries further underscores the critical need for robust risk management and operations resiliency to prevent business interruptions during the investment hold period. Our bespoke technology, cybersecurity and privacy due diligence & risk advisory illuminates hidden risks, unlocks value and safeguards investments. From pre-deal insights to award-winning portfolio protection, we empower private equity for growth.

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Unlock Greater Value through Alliant Technology and Cyber Due Diligence

Soaring valuations demand buyers look beyond cost cuts and prioritize innovative value creation. Traditional due diligence often misses crucial threats or material weaknesses, leaving your investments vulnerable to hidden technology and cyber risks and unplanned costs. Alliant's comprehensive technology and cyber due diligence goes beyond the surface to uncover growth-stifling technical debt, potential cyber vulnerabilities in mission-critical technology and misallocated resources. We help you uncover and avoid:

  • Growth-stifling technical debt
  • Key person risks
  • Lurking cyber risks
  • Unplanned costs/EBITDA Impact
  • Underwriter ‘11th-hour’ distress
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Navigating the PortCo Cyber Risk with Alliant Portfolio Cybersecurity Surveillance

Cyber threats must be managed before they erode portfolio value and stifle growth. Alliant disrupts this paradigm with Portfolio Cybersecurity Surveillance, our evolutionary program that shifts cyber assessments from reactive snapshots to proactive, risk-based insights. Our award-winning single pane of glass platform provides visibility into each portfolio company's cybersecurity posture empowering better oversight and resource allocation. Proactive vigilance across the portfolio is no longer optional. Dive deeper and discover how Portfolio Cybersecurity Surveillance can illuminate your path to cyber resilience.

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