How Do Colleges and Universities Attract Students in a Crowded Market? Listen Now

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How Do Colleges and Universities Attract Students in a Crowded Market?

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Alliant helps higher educational institutions counter high claims trends, while providing support and resources to make health plans easily accessible and affordable to help students stay healthy and enrolled in education.

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Student Health Insurance Analytics and Benchmarking

We provide analytic insights with regular client reviews of claims data points to help create sustainable insurance plans focused on student health, cost containment and long-term savings. Our team of account managers use this analytics insight to work with our clients to develop educational sessions to ensure effective use of the plan among participants.

Beyond your own plan, we offer industry benchmarking on similar institutions to optimize benefits design, utilization, enrollment and waiver services and administration.

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Guidance for International Student Health Insurance 

Our team provides on-campus support to facilitate continued student body outreach, plan enrollment and financial health of institutions through campus orientations and educational sessions as needed to help guide the students and answer questions related to the insurance plan.

To guide the schools in providing health care plans for international students, we offer consulting services delivered by industry knowledge leaders that help schools understand and implement best practices for maintaining an international student health insurance plan.

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Student Health Insurance Compliance and Administrative Support

Our compliance team supports informed decision-making and help ensure regulatory compliance for all student health insurance plans so you can rest assured.

While providing compliance support, we also work to alleviate the administrative burden of managing an insurance plan on campus through our proprietary technology. These proprietary systems allow our clients the flexibility to easily change carriers at any time.

Student Health Insurance Designed to Work for Students

Our student health insurance is tailored to fit seamlessly into the student lifestyle, addressing the unique health needs and challenges faced during academic years. Our program offers competitive rates and flexible payment options, ensuring accessibility for all students.

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All-Inclusive Student Health Insurance Coverage

From routine check-ups to unexpected emergencies, our all-inclusive student health insurance coverage spans a comprehensive range of medical services and includes access to a broad network of healthcare providers and facilities, making it easy to receive high-quality care on and off campus.

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