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Can anyone place a claim for collection with Alliant Trade Credit?

Yes, a current business relationship is not required to retain us as your collection agent. However, preferred collection rates are available to current One Source/Alliant Trade Credit clients who have issued credit insurance policies through our office.

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Trade Credit Collection FAQs

First, there is no cost to place a collection. Fees are charged on a strictly contingent basis. No recovery means no charge.

Client Fee Structure. If the creditor company is a current One Source/Alliant Trade Credit credit insurance policy holder, the following rates will apply for accounts that have aged less than one year:

  • 25% fee on placements less than $1,000
  • 15% fee on placements $1,000 and over

Otherwise, our standard fee structure below will prevail.

Standard Fee Structure. If last unpaid invoice is less than 180 days old, the following rates will apply:

  • 33% fee on placements between $1,000 to $3,000
  • 22% fee on placements between $3,001 to $20,000
  • 18% fee on placements $20,001 and over
  • If last invoice is between 180 and 365 days, the fee schedule is 33%.
  • If last invoice is over 365 days, the fee schedule is 50%.
  • If total owed is less than $1,000, the fee schedule is 40%.

We have been offering innovative collection services for over a quarter century. We afford competent and aggressive attention to the most challenging doubtful accounts with an impressive record of success.

Complete a claim form and return it to our office via fax (207-781-4269) or email ( Call 1-800-999-1393 for help with any claim submission questions.

In order to place a claim, you need either a statement of account or invoices. If available, the following will also assist with our collection efforts:

Returned Checks included in the amount placed
Credit Application/Personal Guarantee
Proof of Delivery
Relevant Correspondence

Successful collections are often completed within several days. Client remittances will be tendered in as quickly as three business days depending on the debtor's form of payment. We confirm in writing when we recover your money and when our remittance payment will be made to you.

Yes, we have agents in the field every week and try as often as possible to make unannounced face-to-face collection visits.

A claim should be placed when meaningful changes in the debtor's normal course of business are observed. They might include:

  • Returned check activity
  • Employee turnover or consultants being retained
  • Debtor avoiding contact
  • Recorded message repeatedly answering calls
  • Lack of concern expressed about the past due account
  • Hearing statements about needing a loan or having money problems
  • Intelligence from the trade supporting financial problems exist
  • If you wait for the debtor to close or file bankruptcy – it is too late.
Learn more about credit collections claims with Alliant.

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Alliant Trade Credit is well known in the industry and has the reputation as the collection company that gets results. We utilize cutting edge technology and resources to accelerate the collection process.

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