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Alliant’s Insurance Requirements in Contracts (IRIC) Manual 2024 Edition Now Available

By Thomas Joyce, Alliant Public Entity

The Insurance Requirements in Contracts (IRIC) manual along with indemnification can be one of the most valuable assets that risk managers can contribute to their organization’s risk financing program.

The IRIC manual was initially developed by public entity risk professionals and consultants over 30 years ago as a resource to public entities. Alliant has assumed the responsibility of keeping the manual current as a service to our clients; namely, Thomas Joyce, Shadi Jalali, Daniel Howell and Marcus Beverly edit the manual with the support of Robert Marshburn of

What’s New in the 2024 IRIC Manual?
Each annual edition includes updates to industry forms, recent court decisions interpreting coverage and current developments affecting public entity risk transfer. The 2024 edition is available on both as a .pdf and .docx, so users can easily edit the language for their needs. Additions to the 2024 IRIC Manual include:

Litigation Financing:
In the ‘Emerging Trends’ section at the beginning of the manual, an addition has been made to discuss litigation financing. This trend involves private equity financing litigation teams taking cases to trial, which would have likely settled otherwise, with the goal of the financiers to benefit from a large jury award at trial.

Unhoused Communities:
A new FAQ has been added at the beginning of the IRIC to add guidance to municipalities facing increased homelessness. It is recommended that the entity contract with a responsible non-profit to assist in services to the unhoused community and transfer the liability of issues that may arise.

Cyber Risks:
In Exhibit 7 of Chapter 4, clarifications have been made regarding the recommended insurance requirements for agreements involving information technology.

International Insurance Requirements:
In Chapter 7 of the IRIC, a portion has been added that is dedicated to international insurance requirements, including foreign travel and contracting with international vendors both inside and outside of the U.S.

Security Guards:
Also in Chapter 7, an addition has been made to provide guidance on contracts with security guards both armed and unarmed. This includes recommended limits to be carried by security guard vendors on such contracts. Security guards have also been added to the Risk Analysis Worksheet in Appendix D.

Verification of Coverage Process and Service Providers:
In Chapter 9, a section has been added to provide guidance on best practices for the verification of coverage process and service providers. It includes instructions to ensure vendor insurance complies with the recommended IRIC contract language.

Case Studies:
Two case studies have been added to the 2024 IRIC manual that demonstrate the real-life consequences that may be avoided through proper contracts. These involve the importance of satisfying self-insured retentions even in cases of bankruptcy, as well as making sure entities have access to all of a vendor’s insurance limits as opposed to simply the minimum required by contract. The SIR case study can be found in Chapter 1 and the Exxon case study can be found in Chapter 2.

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Alliant note and disclaimer: This document is designed to provide general information and guidance. Please note that prior to implementation your legal counsel should review all details or policy information. Alliant Insurance Services does not provide legal advice or legal opinions. If a legal opinion is needed, please seek the services of your own legal advisor or ask Alliant Insurance Services for a referral. This document is provided on an “as is” basis without any warranty of any kind. Alliant Insurance Services disclaims any liability for any loss or damage from reliance on this document.