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News Release

Mike DeLuca of Alliant Insurance Services Wins Outstanding Member of the Year from International Energy Credit Association (IECA)

By Alliant Specialty

DeLuca is Managing Director of Alliant Trade Credit

IRVINE, CA — The International Energy Credit Association (IECA) has recognized Mike DeLuca of Alliant Insurance Services with its Outstanding Member of the Year award. The IECA is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate professionals working in credit and financial management of the energy industry.

The IECA’s Outstanding Member of the Year award highlights members’ achievements on behalf of the association for the current calendar year. Mike DeLuca, Managing Director, Alliant Trade Credit, is a 17+-year member of the IECA and has served on its board of directors and executive committee.

“The IECA is appreciative of Mike’s support and involvement as a huge advocate for keeping the association alive and well,” said Heather Buerger, Executive Vice President – North America, IECA. “He has worn many hats, including as a thought leader within our educational groups. I have personally learned so much about trade credit from him in the 10+ years we have worked together.”

“We are pleased to support the IECA as an organization and are proud to have Mike as the leader of Alliant Trade Credit and at the forefront of advancing the trade credit insurance industry,” said Michael Cusack, Executive Vice President, Alliant Specialty.

Alliant Trade Credit was previously One Source Risk Management and Funding, Inc., acquired by Alliant Insurance Services in 2021.