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Public Entity, Education and Pooling

Education Insurance

Educators face a complex set of risks that range from natural disasters and employee liability to the challenges of cyber exposure and Title IX, as well as the need to manage regulatory changes and budget constraints. Education insurance allows educators to protect against these risks.

Managing the future, and its risks, is what Alliant Education does best

Our specialized education team works with academic institutions to provide comprehensive risk management solutions that better predict risk and reduce coverage costs, allowing you to concentrate on educating future generations.

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Providing Accessible Student Health Insurance 

The Alliant team provides student health insurance coverage that helps higher educational institutions counter high claims trends, while providing support and resources to make health plans easily accessible and affordable to help domestic and international students stay healthy and enrolled in education.

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Educational Institutions

We leverage our expertise and established carrier relationships to provide colleges and universities with coverage for a wide range of insurance-related exposures at below-market rates.

Carleen Patterson First Vice President Email

We have more than 30 years of experience in meeting the specialized insurance needs of public K-12 schools across the nation.

While major competitors are committed to serving only existing educational public entity pools—and therefore are able to offer only set insurance programs—we offer full and unfettered access to the entire insurance marketplace. The result is that Alliant clients are able to choose from a variety of options created and tailored to address their specific exposures, circumstances and needs.

Lilian Vanvieldt Executive Vice President Email

As the fastest-growing sector of public education in the United States, charter schools require a cutting-edge approach to insurance that shares their commitment to flexibility, innovation, and independence.


Our charter school team has helped more than 1,000 schools throughout the nation to obtain affordable and comprehensive coverage. Our staff of experts includes school specialists who are familiar with the financial, legislative, and social forces impacting America’s charter schools. 

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