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Trade Credit & Services

One Source, SeaFax and Compass are now Alliant Trade. Explore the trade credit, collections, credit reporting and all of the solutions you need to protect against supplier defaults and political events.

Alliant Trade Credit provides real time credit and credit insurance information that allows our clients to make better decisions.

Credit Information

Knowledge is power, but too much information leads to data overload and wasted time. We know your time is valuable. Utilize One Source’s Credit Information Services to zero in on the information that you need.

For over 35 years, the team at Alliant Trade has worked hand in hand with our member companies as well as exclusive partnerships with receivables management services, to provide real time credit information that allows our clients to make better decisions.

Alliant trade credit insurance services help you better manage credit risk.

Risk Management and Transfer

Our credit team helps you improve liquidity and streamline the credit and collections process, enabling your credit department to operate as a profit center, safely expanding sales without holding more risk. Trade credit insurance pays when your customer cannot.

Learn more about our trade credit insurance and receivables services

Receivables Services

We provide a range of services including credit reports, collection services, and receivables protection and management services. We offer credit protection options even after traditional credit insurance markets have exhausted coverage, including multi-year programs for structured trade or work in process coverage. Solutions are structured to match your unique needs.